Thursday, April 12, 2012

Haute Look Haulin: NYX Cosmetics

From top to bottom: Pinched, Summer Peach & Peach

From left to right: Pinched, Summer Peach & Peach

Last month Haute Look had NYX on their site and I really wanted to grab some items. One of the things I really wanted was the Butt Naked palette which was on sale for $15. The NYX store where I live priced it at $28... so almost 50% off I could not pass! I also purchased 3 blushes (not that I need any more blushes) but they were just so pretty and I was really tempted... haha I think the trio of blushes came in at $11 which was not a bad deal at all! If you guys have not checked out Haute Look I totally recommend it for discount designer clothes, shoes, accessories and beauty products. You have to sign up to view the products but its free to sign up! Check it out and if you buy anything let me know what you got :)


  1. I love the the 3 blushes you picked up very pretty!

    1. hehe i'm a sucker for pink blushes :P


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