Friday, December 30, 2011

Sigma Mini Haul

My haul from Sigma! I received my beautiful brushes about a week ago but haven't had the time to post a blog about it. I ordered the Make Me Cool  Professional Brush Kit & the limited edition The Cities Tokyo Travel Kit. My first impressions of these brushes are that they are pretty good quality for the prices. I have used some of the eye brushes and the face brushes from the Make Me Cool set and they are very soft and apply the product quite well. I have already washed all the brushes and did not see much shedding of bristles. I compared the softness of the brushes to some of my MAC brushes and they are quite comparable, not exact dupes but still very good quality.

The Make Me Cool brush set comes with 5 Face brushes & 7 Eye brushes for a total of 12 brushes. I have used most of the eye brushes and am loving them. The Tokyo Cities brush set comes with 3 Face brushes and 4 Eye brushes and the quality of these brushes are just the same as the full sized ones. Overall, I think that these brushes are quite a good investment for those who do not want to spend 50 dollars on one MAC brush. Also, these brushes are great for those people who are just starting out with Make Up or who are thinking of becoming make-up artists :)

Happy New Years! See you in 2012 <3

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