Saturday, February 9, 2013

MAC Haul: Archie's Girls Collection

Archie's Girls Goodies

Prom Princess (Blush), Flatter Me (Pearlmatte Powder),
Mall Madness (Lip glass), Daddy's Little Girl (Lipstick)

Flatter Me
Left to Right: Prom Princess, Mall Madness, Daddy's Little Girl

I went to MAC on Thursday (the day that MAC launched Archie's Girls in stores) and picked up a few goodies. I think I did quite well seeing as I wanted almost the entire collection but I restrained myself haha...
Everything I got was actually from the Veronica side of the collection. I really wanted Betty Bright but it was sold out at my MAC store :( I will be on the hunt for that one and Ronnie's Red. (I may also go back for the blush in Cream Soda)... Anyways, here is what I purchased from the collection. I thought the packaging was pretty cute and I just loveee Archie comics in general so it was a win win for me! Did any of you guys pick up anything from this collection? If so, please share below!


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